Onsite pathology means there’s no need to travel long distances for a blood test if your GP gives you a referral. Our pathology service will be available alongside our General Practice for your convenience. You might need to come in early for a test after fasting, or immediately after your appointment. Either way, having pathology as part of our practice is intended to make your visit as easy as possible.


Collecting your prescription immediately after your appointment saves you an extra visit to the chemist on your way home. It’s also a convenient place to purchase other items like cough medicine, paracetamol and tissues or any other over the counter items you might need when you’re not feeling the best. We’ll be offering a pre-packed medication service too, that you can collect weekly.

Allied Health and Specialist Visitors

From time to time One Health will be hosting a range of professionals whose expertise lies in Allied Health services. These services include areas such as podiatry, occupational therapy and audiology. There are many Allied Health specialities available and we know our patients would benefit from their expertise. If you’re a registered patient, we can keep you up-to-date on upcoming visits so you can pre-book your appointment.

We also plan to bring you medical specialists as visitors to the practice. As we learn as much as possible about our client base, we can offer specialist visits best able to help our patients.

Help us out!

Please let us know which services (Allied Health or Specialist) would benefit you most and we can look into securing a visit from your preferred professional.